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Glossary Of Sports Betting Terms

Glossary Of Sports Betting Terms can be confusing, and the more you wager, the more terms you’ll want to learn. VSiN, the sports betting network, has introduced you to this list of terms that will help you improve your betting IQ. There are many unique terms associated with sports betting. Bookmark our betting terms glossary and use it as a reference if you come across an unfamiliar word or phrase when placing a bet.

Glossary Of Sports Betting Terms
Glossary Of Sports Betting Terms 4

Glossary Of Sports Betting Terms – Sports Betting Definitions


Any in-play betting option or the total amount wagered on a specific event. Bookmakers accept action on all published betting odds.

American odds: 

American odds are in a “big three” category that also includes odds and numbers. The US dollar reported at (-110) is the same as the 1.91 decimal point and the 10/11 low rate. All three types return a $100 bonus on a winning $110 wager.


Arbitrage betting, often shortened to ARB, is a style of betting that takes into account all possible outcomes of a single game. ARB betting options are rare and occur when bookmakers have different opinions about the appropriate odds for a match.

Asian handicap:

The most common Asian handicap odds in soccer start at 0.25 goals and can go up to 2.0 goals. These are two-sided bets as there is no draw option available.


Every bet involves a sportsbook, casino, racebook or poker room.


Short for a bookmaker.


A licensed person who sets daily betting odds and accepts bets. Also known as line builder.

Decimal odds: 

Decimal odds, common in Europe, are part of the “big three” group, which also includes fractional and American odds. The 1.91 decimal line is -110 in American odds and 10/11 in fractional prices. All three formats return a profit of $100 on a winning bet of $110.


Short for underdog, a dog is perceived as the least likely side to win and is tagged with plus prices. Atlanta would be a dog if the Braves money line is set at +125 and the Houston Astros are posted at -120 baseball odds.


Any contest where the final score ends in a tie. In most cases, a draw is graded as PUSH and the original betting amount is refunded. One major exception is the three-way lines that offer a tie/draw as one of three betting options.


Either side is priced in a negative number. San Francisco (-360) would be a moneyline favorite over Arizona (+280) in an NFL matchup.

Futures bet: 

A bet placed on an event that will take place in the near or distant future. Betting on the winner of the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, NBA Finals and World Series are popular future options. Futures are also available on football, major horse races, as well as golf and tennis events.

Game total bet: 

Over/Under betting on how many goals/runs/runs will be scored in a match. If a baseball game has a total of 7.5 runs, bettors must decide whether the total number of runs in that contest will be over or under eight runs.


The betting options arranged by a bookmaker are designed to level the playing field. New Orleans may have a -7.5 disadvantage, before and during the game, they are playing a weaker Atlanta team. If the Saints win by eight points or more – they cover the deficit and issue winning wagers.


A bettor who researches a matchup and then places a bet. This also applies to tipsters who publish predictions about various sporting events.


The total amount of money a bookmaker receives for a single game or event. The total bet on Super Bowl 54 in Nevada was $154.7 million. The bookies made a profit of $18.8 million as Kansas City completed a come-from-behind victory over San Francisco.


A straight bet without a point spread where players need to predict the clear winner. Favorites are listed with negative odds (-185), while underdogs are listed with positive odds (+165).


ting lines set by a bookmaker on a variety of events.


Like a linemaker, a person or group of people who set daily betting lines and prices.

Odds on favorite:

One side is seen as far superior to the other and is priced at odds offering little value.

Outright betting: 

Predicting the overall winner of a tournament or playoff contest.


A number based on the number of runs/hits/hits scored in a game. Bettors have to decide whether to go and put the combined numbers of the two teams under the score. Also known as the overall game.


A bet, also known as an accumulator or multiple, consists of two or more sides Each team must win to produce a winning ticket. A selection that ends as a “push” is void on an accumulation ticket.


A free-standing business or a dedicated venue in land-based casinos, sports betting has become a popular meeting place for bettors and sports fans alike. Sportsbooks accept bets on events in the United States as well as action from around the world and provide bettors with giant screens to watch the action.


The amount of risk a bettor takes when placing a bet Principal is returned on all winning wagers and many bets that are graded as a push.

Straight bet:

A single investment in moneyline, spread or game total betting options.


Betting on any event offered at a sportsbook, casino or racebook.

Live betting:

Also known as in-game betting, live betting is offered at the start of a sporting event. Spreads, money lines, and totals are adjusted and reposted as the game plays out. Prop options, such as the next scorer and the exact final position, are also available.


Like a bookmaker, a person or company that sets daily betting lines and prices.

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Sports betting has become very important, and it is difficult for sports fans not to see and hear about odds and lines. Most of the new lingo is new to sports fans.
We’ve put together a simple explanation of the most common sports terms you’ll hear on TV or radio or read in print or online. Knowing the definitions can help you make the most of betting on your favorite sports, teams and players.