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How to play Perya Game in Gcash

How to play Perya Game in Gcash, The Color Game involves three dice, each with six different colors on its sides: white, blue, pink, yellow, red, and green. The goal is to predict which colors will appear on the dice. If your chosen color appears on any of the dice, you win the amount you bet.

If the color you bet on shows up more than once, your winnings are doubled for that color. To heighten the excitement, if a single color appears on all three dice, the winnings multiplier increases to a whopping x60.

How to play Perya Game in Gcash
How to play Perya Game in Gcash 5

Before each roll of the dice, there is a 30-second betting round where players can place their bets. Additionally, players have access to the results of previous rounds and the percentages of colors that have appeared since the start of the game.

How do I register for Color Game Live Perya?

You have the option to register either through GLife or on their website. I suggest choosing GLife, as this eliminates the need for a separate registration process. Instead, you only have to opt-in to share your details for the Color Game. Once you opt-in, the app retrieves the information you provided during the verification process in GCash.

How to play Perya Game in Gcash
How to play Perya Game in Gcash 6

To participate, it’s essential to have a Fully Verified GCash account and be at least 21 years old. It’s important to note that accounts created in GLife are exclusively accessible within GCash; registering on the website won’t allow you to use that account to log into GLife.

What are the odds that I win a round with at least a single color?:

The likelihood of a specific color appearing on a single die is 1/6. The probability that at least this color will appear on any of the three rolled dice is calculated as (1/6 + 1/6 + 1/6), resulting in 0.5 or 50%.

These odds represent the most favorable outcome achievable in this game. While betting on two or more colors may yield higher winnings based on luck, in the long run, it is expected that you will incur more losses.

How to play Perya Game in Gcash

Furthermore, the probability of obtaining a single color on all three dice simultaneously is calculated as (1/6) * (1/6) * (1/6), resulting in 0.0046 or 0.46%. Hence, achieving the x60 multiplier requires a significant element of luck.

Creating a Color Game Live Perya account in GLife

Access the GLife section by clicking on the GLife button on the main GCash page. Once within GLife, you have the option to either directly search for Color Game Live Perya or navigate through the Games button and select Color Game Live Perya. After locating the game, accept the opt-in page to enter the Color Game main screen.

How do I deposit funds into Color Game Live Perya?:

To begin, ensure that your GCash wallet has sufficient funds. If additional funds are required, you have various options for cashing in. It’s important to be aware that your deposit limits align with your outgoing wallet limits. Additionally, since Color Game Live Perya falls under Casino Plus, your balance is shared with that game.

Seamless and Convenient:

Experience a smooth and convenient gaming session with Color Perya on GCash. With just a few taps, you can enter the Color Game and indulge in exciting gameplay directly from your mobile device. Skip the hassle of visiting a traditional Perya or casino – everything you require is conveniently accessible within your GCash App.


We previously discussed Color Game Live Perya, a popular game offered by Casino Plus in the GLife platform, highlighting the quick and straightforward account creation process that allows users to start playing within minutes. Additionally, we covered the procedures for depositing and withdrawing funds in Color Game Live Perya, along with an overview of the various games available. Furthermore, I provided guidance for beginners on how to play the Color Game.