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How To Sign Up In PHSpin

How to Play in PHSpin? Looking for a place to gamble? That offers the 5 most important things for the best online casino experience SIMPLE, SAFE, SECURE, SLOTS and ‘SWERTE’ (LUCK). PHSpin is operated and supported by Glowlight Corporation.

How To Sign Up In PHSpin
How To Sign Up In PHSpin 6

How To Sign Up In PHSpin and How to Download PHSpin Mobile App

How to Play in SPHSpin? In order to play at PHSpin you must download it first. Below are the step-by-step tutorial:

  • Download the PHSpin app to your phone by clicking GET APP NOW
  • Check your phone Files > Download/Received files > Download Manager
  • Click on the PHSpin App file, it starts with S5 and has a version number following it, for example S5-v1.0.24.1
  • When you receive a pop-up that says “your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps…” click the SETTINGS button of that pop-up and turn ON Allow app installs and press BACK
  • Just click INSTALL and then OPEN
  • Login to PHSpin (or click JOIN now to open an account)
How To Sign Up In PHSpin
How To Sign Up In PHSpin 7

How To Sign Up In PHSpin Payment Options

PHSpin Payment Options whose deposit and withdrawal system is powered by Paynamics, the most trusted and accessible payment provider in the Philippines. Paynamics provides a one-stop payment platform for processing payments including e-wallet, in-store and online bank transfers.

How To Sign Up In PHSpin
How To Sign Up In PHSpin 8

Features – How to Play in PHSpin

  • Trusted by thousands of Filipinos!
  • New games and payment options are constantly being added.
  • Hundreds of certified games: from slots to your favorite table games.
  • Fast deposit and withdrawal options, including GCash and Paymaya.
  • Simple, Safe and Secure to use the SPHSpin to play Slots and to enjoy the famous SPHSpin LUCK!

How can I confirm my account?

You’re about to embark on an exciting adventure in the world of online gaming, but before you get started, it’s important to ensure the security and safety of your account. In this article, we will focus on the important question: “How can I confirm my account?” Learn the steps and details on how to avoid possible registration issues, and most importantly, how to maintain the strength of your gaming experience by confirming your account. You will also learn tips and information that will guide you through the confirmation process, so you can ensure a happy and secure gaming journey. Check out this guide and get ready to start your colorful journey in the world of online gaming!

How To Sign Up In PHSpin
How To Sign Up In PHSpin 9

To confirm your account after “SPHSpin Sign Up”, follow the following steps:

Verification Email:

After you register on the SPHSpin App, you will receive a verification email to the email address you entered during the registration process. Check your email inbox and you may also need to check your spam folder to see this email.

Click the Verification Link:

Open the email from SPHSpin and click the verification link included in the message. Clicking this link will activate your account and confirm your authenticity as a SPHSpin user.

Log in to Jiliko App:

After you click the verification link and the security verification is completed, you can log in to the Jiliko App using your email address and password that you entered during registration.


All in all, “SPHSpin Sign Up” allows you to be part of a vibrant community of online gamers, where you can enjoy the endless fun of their amazing games. You can also join other players in sharing experiences and opinions through “Game Reviews,” spreading knowledge and inspiring other gamers.

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