How to win in Charge Buffalo 2024

How to win in Charge Buffalo 2024? The Buffalo slot machine is one of the iconic real-money slots at brick-and-mortar casinos. Recently, Anaxi launched Buffalo at BetMGM Casino, making it the first online casino to host the popular game. Anaxi also announced their intention to continue expanding Buffalo throughout the market. To help you make the most of your game, we’ll cover all the details you need to know, as well as the best Buffalo slot tips and tricks, proven to work.

How to win in Charge Buffalo 2024

And with 1,024 ways to win on every spin, a huge fixed-value jackpot, and a progressive jackpot, it’s no wonder. The Buffalo slot is currently only available at BetMGM Casino, recently released by Anaxi.

How to win in Charge Buffalo 2024 – Buffalo Slot Machine Features:

  • Sunset Wild: Substitutes for all regular symbols to create payouts.
  • Bonus Scatter: 3 or more trigger up to 20x multiplier on your total wager, not just the bet per line.
  • Regular Symbols: Include buffalo, eagles, mountain lions, wolves, elk, and playing card symbols, and pay out up to 300 coins.

Buffalo Slot also offers a free spins feature, triggered when three or more gold coins appear on the reels. Wild symbols appearing on the reels add a 2x or 3x multiplier, and free spins can be triggered again and again, up to 999 consecutive free spins.

Buffalo Slot Machine Volatility & RTP:

The most important aspects of a slot machine are return to player percentage (RTP) and volatility. The RTP shows how much the machine pays back for what it put in while the volatility shows how often the slot typically pays out.

Buffalo Slot RTP:

How to win in Charge Buffalo 2024

The RTP of the Buffalo slot is 94.85%, which means that for every $100 it pays out an average of $94.85. This is a relatively standard RTP rate for a land-based casino slot machine, but online casinos offer RTPs of as high as 97% and 98%.

Buffalo Slot Volatility:

Buffalo slot machines are a high volatility game. That means players can wait for relatively long dry spells before hitting a big win. It’s also very rare to use the Buffalo slot bonus feature for a chance at the advanced jackpot. Although many players have done it and there’s certainly a chance for you to do the same thing, it’s almost a once in a lifetime experience. Here’s more on slot volatility.

Buffalo Slot Machine Tips – Proven Strategy Guide:

Unfortunately, there is no way to game the system to trigger a progressive jackpot on the Buffalo slot machine. But there are some ways to make sure you maximize your chances of winning:

Set the Highest Possible Coin Value:

The bigger the coin value, the bigger the winnings in the Buffalo slot machine So if you bet with $1 worth of coins and win 300 coins, you get a payout of $300. But if you bet with $400 coins and win 300 coins, you get a payout of $120k. You don’t have to worry about setting a specific number of lines, as each spin offers 1,024 ways to win. So when you are budgeting your bet, go for the highest coin value that is still well within your budget.

How to win in Charge Buffalo 2024
How to win in Charge Buffalo 2024 6
How to win in Charge Buffalo 2024
How to win in Charge Buffalo 2024 7

Budget to Play Longer:

If your budget is $100 and you set your coin value at $100, you may lose your full budget on the first spin. That’s not good. Instead, plan on using your budget to play at least 50 spins to give the game time to pay off. As the volatility slot is high, the longer you play, the more likely you will find the free spins feature or trigger a big prize. So it’s better to play $2 per spin for 50 spins than to play a single spin at $100.

Play with Bonus Money:

With every online casino offering a buffalo-themed slot game of some kind, you can get the job done with the bonus. Here are the best offers for playing Bison Fury, the closest online slot to the Buffalo slot machine: