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How to win in HILO 2024

How to win in HILO 2024, Sometimes the best games are the simplest games. And HiLo is one of them. This is the type of card game that really doesn’t require any skill or strategy because all you have to do is guess whether the next card will be higher or lower. You may have played it before at an online casino, and now a nicer and more modern version of HiLo is available at crypto casinos.

Developed by Spribe, one of the new and upcoming developers specializing in crypto arcade games, HiLo features a unique minimalist look. You’ll get a cleaner, more modern aesthetic while still enjoying the core gameplay of the classic title. Plus, when all your lucky stars are aligned correctly, you can walk away with some solid wins in the HiLo crypto game.

Of course, as a crypto game, Hylo is played on the blockchain allowing players to verify for themselves that the game is truly fair.

How to win in HILO 2024

The Best Casinos to Play HiLo Online

While you can find old school HiLo at other online casinos, if you want to try the refreshed arcade version of the game, you’ll only find it at select crypto casinos. Although HiLo is a crypto game, most of these casinos also let you play in CAD or other real money currencies like USD or Euro.

  • How to Play HiLo

Just like any casino game, you start HiLo by setting your bet. Depending on the casino you are playing at, the bet size varies from $0.10 to $300 per spin. After setting the bet size, press the “Bet” button.

The playing area will have cards face down. Your job is to guess whether the next card will have a higher or lower value than the currently displayed card. It really is as simple as that. And if it’s equal, it’s also considered a win for you. Some casinos allow you to choose which card to open.

There is a version with more stakes options in Stake, which allows you to guess whether it is Red, Black, numbers or high value cards such as King, Queen, Jack or Aces. High-value cards will cost you higher fees.

How to win in HILO 2024
How to win in HILO 2024
How to win in HILO 2024 6

Play HiLo for Free – Where can I play the demo

Free-to-play is a great way to warm up and get used to the game’s interface. Most crypto casinos let you check it all out and play HiLo for free as a demo game, though you have to sign up for an account first. As always, signing up for an account is free, and some casinos have made the already simple process even simpler by letting you log in with Facebook, Google or another social media account.

HiLo Game Features:

Crypto Arcade prides itself on being progressive, and that goes from the clean visual surface to the verifiable interior. So key features in HiLo are built around this philosophy.

Provably Fair game:

HiLo crypto game is written on the blockchain and works with the so-called Provably Fair technology. Players have the option to ensure that the round they play is truly random from the given hash.

How to win in HILO 2024
How to win in HILO 2024 7


At the time of review, this feature was only available at Stake Casino. When you bet on Joker, he offers an extra high payout of 24x your bet. Although other casinos like Cloudbet and Stake do not have this option, they do offer better odds overall.

Conclusion on the HiLo Game:

HiLo is the best arcade game for any casual game. The rules are as simple as can be, and you will be completely covered around. It is a great card game that is suitable for both beginners and more experienced players. For those looking for more options to compete, the HiLo game at Gamdom allows you to bet on different results with different payouts. Although the game has been around since ancient times, we really like the look and feel of the new crypto version of the game!