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How to Win in Mines

How to Win in Mines, Mines is a game inspired by the classic game Minesweeper, modified for the gaming model. In Mines you play on the same square-looking tiles. Your goal is to click on each one to flip, hoping not to open a mine.

For each successfully flipped tile, a win is achieved. Each box you click increases the multiplier to apply for a bet for that round. If you hit a mine, you lose the multiplier and round ends.

This game runs on a random number generator, so the results are completely out of control. That’s why the greatest thrill of playing Mines comes from not knowing what’s under the box but still betting to find out.

How to Win in Mines
How to Win in Mines 5

How to Win in Mines : Top Winning Strategies

How to win in mines? Unlike other casino games, customizable features are available in crash games like Mines games. You can choose the grid size, the number of mines, and whether you want to cash out or continue playing after winning. This leaves room for a winning strategy.

You can try all the following Mines gambling strategies to optimize your game and achieve favorable results.

How to Win in Mines
How to Win in Mines 6

How to Win in Mines Strategy 1 – The 1:1 METHOD

This is a common strategy when playing Mines where you have the highest chance of winning. Here’s how you can apply it to your games:

  • Set the number of mines to 1, then select a tile to bet on.
  • Activate the automatic mode and set the number of bets to the desired value if you want to have continuous rotation. This takes advantage of the fact that there is only one mine on the field and you only have 1 tile to bet on each time.

The 1:1 method is only developed as a short term strategy and is not sustainable in the long term. Due to the nature of RTPs, you can expect negative returns in the long run. The key to winning any mining bet is to cash in while you’re ahead.

How to Win in Mines Strategy 2 – PLAY ON SMALLER GRIDS

You can make the game easier by playing in smaller boxes or setting the game with fewer mines. The multiplier may be lower, but this way you are less likely to hit mine. Set the number of mines you want to play and find a balance between playing the game relatively easily and making a good profit.

How to Win in Mines Strategy 3 – CASH OUT WHILE AHEAD

Good luck with games like mine. You could miss out a great prize. You may be tempted to keep spinning the boxes to increase the multiplier, but it’s important to take your time.

Every time you flip a tile, you discover a mine that causes you to lose the prize. Instead of constantly trying your luck, set a limit and withdraw cash when you reach this limit.

How to Win in Mines
How to Win in Mines 7

How to Win in Mines Strategy 4 – PRACTICE WITH THE DEMO MODE

Before you spend real money on casino games, you should consider playing for fun first. This will help you learn how the game works and learn how it works firsthand, without losing money. This will also give you information about the multipliers you can earn, which will help you decide how much to spend per round.

How to Win in Mines Strategy 5 – MANAGE BANKROLL

The quick gameplay and simple mechanics make betting in quick succession easy. You can set a specific budget before you start playing to avoid overspending. This way, you can ensure you only spend what you need for your session without going over your budget. Remember, the only way for this trick to work is to stick with it.