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There are many options to choose from for the sports bettor – we will look at some different ways and explain how to read the different NBA styles.

Nba Odds
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Nba Odds – What Does -110 Mean and What Does -1.5 Mean?

-110 is often referred to as the “magic number” in sports betting. It defines the amount needed to win $100 on either side of a bet and frequently appears in popular options. A basketball bettor must bet $110 to win $100 when betting on point spreads, for example, which are game-specific lines set by NBA oddsmakers with the hope of getting even action from both part.

NBA spread betting is one of the most popular ways to bet on basketball, as it adds some excitement to every basket and a better chance of picking a winner. In this example, -1.5 means that the favorite team will win by more than 1.5 for the bet and money.

If you turn the risk (+ 1.5), then your bet will pay if the customer will lose more than one point, or win completely.
The -1.5 spread is always accompanied by traditional values, such as our magic -110 number, showing the value of the spread bet.

Popular Types Of NBA Betting

With the basics under your belt, here are some ways bettors like to play in the NBA. Your options are endless when it comes to sports betting, but these options have the most action for the public

Nba Odds
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Moneyline Bets

NBA money betting means you pick one of two teams to win the game – no catch, no angles, just right or wrong until the buzzer hits 0:00 on 4. Each team is given a separate numerical amount to bet on – these are NBA odds for money bets.

These NBA odds are determined by odds makers and sportsbooks based on the relationship between the two opponents. Each number is displayed with a minus sign (-) or a plus sign (+) in front of it, indicating popular and weak, respectively.

In an NBA example, let’s say the Golden State Warriors are hosting the Chicago Bulls. Since the Warriors are the better team, they would get -220 odds, making them the favorite. The underdog Bulls would have +180 odds. The clear winner determines whether you win or lose your bet and the odds decide your payout.

Nba Odds
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Spread Bets

As we explained previously, NBA spreads offer another way to bet on basketball besides picking an outright winner. In spread betting, favorites receive a minus (-) sign next to the total, while underdogs receive a plus (+) sign.

The spread could be 4.5 points, meaning the Warriors are favorites at -4.5 (-110) and the Bulls are underdogs at +4.5 (-110). The -4.5 spread is always accompanied by traditional indicators, such as -110 for example, indicating its value. While the handicaps won’t change much, NBA lines can vary from one-point difference makers to outright blowouts depending on the matchup at hand.

OVER / UNDER (Total) Bets

NBA Over/Under bets ask you to make an accurate prediction about the combined score of both teams. It revolves around deciding whether the total score will exceed or fall below the number that has been determined by the oddsmakers.

For example, let’s take a Philadelphia 76ers vs Miami Heat game with a total of 224.5 points. As a bettor, you would select OVER if you believe the final combined score of the game will be 225 points or more. You would select SUB if you think it will be 224 points or less.

At the sportsbook, the NBA odds would be laid out like this:

  • 224.5 OVER (-110)
  • 224.5 UNDER (+105)

If you bet $10 on OVER and your total score is 228, you will win $19.09 – your original $10 back along with your $9.09. Conversely, if the game ended 110-105, the total score would be 215 points, meaning the game went UNDER. The same $10 bet on the winning UNDER gets you $20.50 – the first $10 plus the $10.50 prize.

Parlay Bets

Betting on parlays combines multiple bets on a single ticket. Usually, bettors pool bets straight up with spreads and totals, however, you can have multiple versions of the same bet as long as it is on different games.
Let’s say you pick both the Milwaukee Bucks (-160) and the Toronto Raptors (+120) to win.

Nba Odds
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Your odds are higher because both teams are less likely to win and you need both the Bucks and Raps to win, or you will lose your bet. The more teams (or variables) you add to a parlay, the longer the odds.

Bonuses And Promotions

Online NBA betting sites should come with other rewards, apart from the money you get from winning bets. Because sportsbooks recognize the value of their customers and want to reward them, most online gambling sites offer a welcome bonus, which matches a certain amount of your first deposit up to a certain percentage. These codes can come in the form of a voucher code or they can be automatically applied to your first deposit on-site.

For example, you can give a bonus of 100 percent ​​up to $ 200. This means that if you add $ 50 to your account, you will receive an additional $ 50 to bet with . Be sure to read the terms and conditions before accepting a gift. All of the best NBA online betting sites have different rules that must be met in order to claim a risk-free bet or deposit bonus.