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What is the Easiest Sport to Win a Bet On?

What is the Easiest Sport to Win a Bet On?
What is the Easiest Sport to Win a Bet On? 5

Betting on your favorite game adds excitement that is hard to beat. It’s more important to save money, even if it’s just a few dollars. Prove that you are right and your knowledge is better than the book.
However, winning cash tickets isn’t always easy, and even the best bets have to take a few losses to take home winnings. So, in this article, we will look at the cheapest sports betting sites so that you know exactly what is coming in before you bet.
Read on to find out What is the Easiest Sport to Win a Bet On where you have the best chance for success.

Knowledge is Power

Before diving into how easy or difficult it is to bet on individual sports, it’s important to note that no matter how experienced you are as a bettor, the most important thing is research and knowledge. The more information you can get to inform your selection, the more chance you have of success. Some sports are easier to bet on than others, but you should bet on sports that you understand and, more importantly, that you like and follow.

Easiest to Hardest Sports To Bet On

The real question now is What is the Easiest Sport to Win a Bet On? Here is our list, starting with the easiest.

NBA (National Basketball Association)

What is the Easiest Sport to Win a Bet On?
What is the Easiest Sport to Win a Bet On? 6

The NBA tops the list of the easiest sports to bet on for many reasons. First, it’s easy to find information about the NBA. It is one of the most popular sports competitions in the world and there are many games played every season, which means there is a lot of information.

And since every NBA team plays at least 82 games, there is enough data to predict picks even after the first month of play. Unlike the NFL, where teams play fewer games, the NBA has plenty of stats and rules ready to watch.

Another big reason why it’s easier to bet on NBA basketball than other sports is because there are often dynasties that dominate the league for years. Since 2000, three solid dynasties have won an NBA championship or at least advanced to the conference finals every year. The Los Angeles Lakers, San Antonio Spurs, and Golden State Warriors are all enjoying continued success, making them easier to bet on.

Finally, the basketball court is usually the same and the game is not affected by wind or storm. This makes it easy to predict which player will shoot from the free throw line and there is little variation when predicting the outcome of a game.

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

MMA is the newest sport on our list. Most of the other sports in this discipline have been established and played around the world for decades or centuries. The UFC is only 30 years old, and the unified rules for mixed martial arts were developed in the early 2000s.
This means the tier of talent and competition can be lower than in other sports. Over the past decade, women’s MMA has seen a number of strong champions.
Ronda Rousey, Valentina Shevchenko, Cris Cyborg and Amanda Nunes all enjoyed control of a match that many critics described as less than competitive, with most competitors doing so before entering the arena. Men’s MMA also features some important champions, such as Jon Bones Jones and Khabib Nurmagomedov, who many bettors are placing their money on.
Another thing that MMA helps is that the fighters usually tell them how to approach a fight. For example, current UFC middleweight Israel Adesanya won over 80 kicking or boxing matches before starting his MMA career.
Thanks to his exceptional skills, Adesanya has never won by submission in MMA. Opponents rarely clash with him as he specializes in hand-to-hand combat. This can help bookmakers predict the outcome of a match, but for example the number of victims that will be scored.
Potential punches (and kicks) are real in MMA, so be careful. Just ask Ronda Rousey, who was on a 10-fight winning streak before being stripped of her title by a brutal head kick from Holly Holm.

College Football

The dynasty argument is strong in college football, which is why the sport is No. 2 on the list. Winning the College Football Playoff doesn’t necessarily mean winning the NBA championship, but different teams win every season.
Since the playoffs began in 2014, Alabama has made many appearances, wins and championships. Clemson and Georgia had top teams, including the 2022 Georgia Bulldogs, who had the best overall record and won a national championship.
In theory, this makes college football one of the easiest sports to bet on. Established schools rarely intervene. So while it’s not a sure thing in sports betting, it’s a big loss if Georgia doesn’t complete a three-man season.

College Basketball

This is where things start to get more tricky. College basketball is not an easy game to bet on, but there are some aspects of the game that can help you as a bettor. Like the NBA, college basketball has a degree of predictability as outside influences are minimal. All games are played on the same field, and unlike many sports, neither team is affected by changing weather or conditions.
There are university programs that consistently achieve impressive results and rank in the top four or elite eight. But before you hit your favorite sports book and find your way to North Carolina, UCLA, Duke or Kansas to return to the Final Four this season, remember that the playoffs are called March Madness.
Historically, schools have not been able to beat small schools in college basketball, and this has happened more than in recent times. When. 1 seeds. 16 losses from No. 16. When. 1 twice in the last five seasons, never in the last 30 years.
The introduction of the NCAA transfer portal in 2018 certainly shook things up, and players are still learning to navigate the volatility of the tool.


What is the Easiest Sport to Win a Bet On?
What is the Easiest Sport to Win a Bet On? 7

Fifth on our list is baseball, which is one of the hardest sports to bet on. Each MLB team plays 162 games, which is both good and bad news for bettors. This is great because in theory the more data you have to extract, the more you can do.
But there is a sweet spot for most bets (like an 82 game NBA season), and studying statistics from thousands of games can get boring very quickly. Therefore, it is a challenge to use all the available information and submit bets.
Baseball teams strike out hot and cold. Throughout the season, teams regularly travel or play three or four games at once, which can be difficult for even the best teams. In 2022, the LA Dodgers had one of the best regular seasons in MLB history, going 111-51 with a .685 winning percentage.
This means that despite having one of the most impressive records in baseball history, the Dodgers still lost over 30% of their games and their record among most clubs was around .500. This makes baseball a great game to watch, but not a great game to bet on.


Soccer is a complex game for several reasons. The game lasts 90 minutes and can go into overtime or extra time (30 minutes) followed by a penalty shootout. Penalties are often seen as part of the money and the 2022 World Cup has five of them, which is irrelevant when considering whether to win a game.
Time, violence, injuries, discipline and the inability of players or coaches to stop play mean that anything can and does happen in football. Soccer is also recognized as a great sport, especially at the professional level. Almost every week there are angry, unpredictable actions from players, managers and fans.
Betting on soccer depends on the type of bet you are betting on and the league. For example, the Premier League is considered to be one of the most competitive leagues in Europe (the smaller teams beat the bigger teams), so Manchester City won five of their league titles. last six with the unexpected
It was easy to predict that City would win the league, but much harder to predict that they would win only six times in 11 games between October and February before winning the title on a 16-game unbeaten run.


Golf is a very difficult game and one of the most difficult sports to bet on. The mental and physical demands of golf force even the best players in the world to increase their speed, especially in major tournaments.
Golf tournaments are usually held outdoors over four days, so the number of golfers is large. Weather plays an important role in many major league games. Rain, and especially wind, can ruin a good round or turn a good result into a bad one. Professional golfers also have to deal with varying terrain and wait for luck when the ball misses the fairway.
Golf is one of the most competitive sports in the world. At the highest level, there is a lot of talent, meaning players outside the top 100 in the world have a real chance of winning the biggest prizes.
Between 1991 and 2011, eight golfers outside the top 100 won majors, including Ben Curtis, the 2003 Open winner and world No. 396! The unknown has been proven to win the biggest prizes in golf, even in the era of Tiger Woods.